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Laura's Worm Custard

Laura's Worm Custard

It's Tasty! and Converts Carnivores into Vegetarians - FAST!

If you have friends who are carnivores and want to convert them into vegetarians, just feed them a dessert made from Laura's Worm Custard. It looks like real custard, but tastes so much better!

That's because it's made from the freshest juiciest worms collected each morning from under the tree stumps in the ancient woods around Ditchling in Sussex. This wheat free, GM free, recipe uses hand stirred soot and earth from the old fire pit under the witch's cauldron in our environmentally friendly outdoor kitchen. And it includes my secret ingedients for extra flavour - such as wriggly ants and skewered slugs. (I just can't keep them out of the pot. They smell the custard cooking and dive right in.)

After your friends have eaten the custard and tell you how delicious it was, just show them the packet. They'll never eat meat again!

In random tests, 9 out of 10 carnivores who had eaten Laura's Worm Custard said they would never eat meat again!

Note:- this is not suitable for vegetarians. Veggies should make sure that the custard on their plate is Birds (which confusingly in this context is not made out of birds at all but was named after the man who started the company)or other vegetarian custards.

PS - Laura stars in the story - Princess Laura and the Unsuitable Dragon Suitors

Laura's Worm Custard

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