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Baughurst UK - March 28, 2001 - where do you search when you think that the Old Wessex Division of the Goblins has kidnapped your five year old son... again?

You've tried the back garden. You've gone into the cellars of the old bookshop in Petersfield near to the Waitrose carpark, where they live, but Gunnar the king of the goblins says that they haven't got him. To make matters worse, even the goblin minions who were supposed to be looking after him, have vanished, leaving behind nothing but a salty wet space on the carpet where his bunk bed used to be, and only a silvery fish as a clue, and even that evidence was eaten by your jack russel, Snoozy.

The answer turns out to be - www.goblinsearch.com. That problem occurs in an as yet unpublished children's story about the goblins which live in Petersfield in Hampshire, so the author Zsolt Kerekes, thought it would be prudent to register the domain name, and by the way, include on it his first children's story - "Alexander Woyte and the Goblins".

"I wrote this story over a year ago, as a surprise for my godson Alexander" says the author. "Ever since then, he's been asking for more. I noticed that the quality of bedtime stories for young children, wasn't very high, and thought I would have a go at writing something modern and different. Childern have a pretty rich fantasy life, and I thought that by blurring the edges between real places, and real people but using fictional goblins, I could try to hold the attention of a four year old for about half an hour. We use a cartoon character, called Megabyte the Mouse, as the editor on my enterprise computer storage portal called STORAGEsearch.com, and that's aimed at adult computer buyers. So it shows that there's a real need in all of us for something magical."

The first story, "Alexander Woyte and the Goblins" can be seen now on www.goblinsearch.com at http://www.goblinsearch.com/story1.html.

There are no log-ins, no passwords, and you can read the entire story free on the web. As you'd expect, there are some ads. But you haven't seen ads quite like this before.


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