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No not that way around, you fools!

One of the goblin minions remembered to untie Alex, and just as he was handing him back to his father, a squeaky voice seemed to come from the rabbit hole. "Someone get me out of here." It was the king, except his voice was higher. But they instantly obeyed. "Someone put my head back on my body. No not that way around, you fools. That's better."
No not that way around

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Alexander Woyte and the Goblins

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Author's note:- Gunnar could have forseen this plot twist coming if he had talked to his old pal Spellabyte the wizard and run a future search on ScryWare - which interfaces a crystal ball into a notebook to make decision making more reliable. Spellabyte also appears in the story Alexander White and the Pirates and the Alternative Adventures of Megabyte the Mouse

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