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"Good night Alex" said the goblins.

The next evening, before Alex went to bed, his parents read him bedtime stories as usual. The last one was "Good Night Gorilla." It went through the litany of the "Good nights" finally ending with:- "Goodnight Gorilla" read Mummy. "Good night Alex" said Daddy. "Good night Goblins" said Alex looking at the window. There was a pause, then. "Good night Alex" said the goblins. They would always be there in the dark, making sure that he would come to no harm.
Goodnight Alex

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Alexander Woyte and the Goblins

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Author's note:- a year or so after writing the short story Alexander Woyte and the Goblins from which the above extract is taken - the characters in that story (both the real and imaginary ones) were still buzzing around for attention in my imagination. So I began a sequel which was 5 times longer than the original story. The characters are a few year older. And I added in some new ones. It's called Alexander White and the Pirates - and of course it includes the goblins too.

Around the same time in 2001 I also began work on a goblin story which wasn't quite so cuddly. It's called the Goblins Are Coming! - and will be published for the first time in August 2019.

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