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the Goblins are Coming!

the long anticipated dystopian novel by Zsolt Kerekes will be published in January 2024

news November 13, 2023

In 2005 I emailed the first complete draft of a novella called the Goblins are Coming! (which I had started writing 4 years before) to selected beta readers in the UK, US and Australia.

They all said the same - make it longer - we'd like to know what happens before, and what happens next.

I was busy in those days earning my living as the editor of the leading publication in the solid state drive market - where my readers were at the forefront of a new revolution in computer architecture. And in my spare time I had made personal commitments to write some books for children.

In the past 22 years I've picked up and set aside this novel (as it has now become) on several occasions - at major milestones in my writing life - expanding scenes in the original novella and adding never before shared new chapters.

When I embarked on my project to publish 7 books at the beginning of 2023 - the Goblins are Coming! was #6 on my list. I've lived with this story for a long time. I look forward to sharing it soon.

### from the book cover ###

Before the last freezing of the world the goblins ruled Earth, sky and seas. But goblin kind were few and lonely. So they plucked the little humans from all the other creatures in creation for companionship and gave them the gifts of speech and magic. And all was well until some crazed humans asked difficult questions such as why were they the pets and not the masters?  Rebellion came and there was great slaughter.

At the end of the first goblin-human wars it was clear that now it was  the age for humans. But humans did not want to trust goblins as pets in their homes. So in recognition of all the gifts the goblins had given and to enable a future reconciliation, human memory being so short, it was agreed that the last surrendered goblins would be entombed in stasis for an age by a trusted  binding spell.

Humans forgot the goblins and lost their knowledge of those times. Humans became animals again and then grew their own magic with tech which flared with great brightness and was swiftly lost. Now in these fallen times that spell, which held the ancient goblins fast, and was stretched by deceit to much greater length than had been agreed at the truce when they went into their sleeping has snapped.

The goblins are coming.

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