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The king's head popped twenty feet up into the air.

The nearest that Andrew had ever come to waving a sword in anger, was when he was chopping wood with his axe for the fire. He realized that the king was winning, and if he didn't try something different soon he would be utterly defeated. He didn't fancy going home to tell Joanna that he had fought the goblin king and lost. But Andrew was good at war games and tactics, and suddenly he got an idea. As they clashed an bashed, Andrew realized that timing was everything. Just as it looked like he was losing, and the king got ready for his final stroke Andrew called out... "Your flies are undone!" Too late, the king realized, even as he started to look down, that this was only a trick. That was the last thing that went through his mind as ---- SWISH ---- Andrew's sabre whizzed across from shoulder to shoulder. The king's head popped twenty feet up into the air, and rolled away down the grassy slope landing in a rabbit hole.
Chopping the King's Head Off

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Alexander Woyte and the Goblins

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Author's note:- in another of my stories - Jamie and the Tree Troll - the weapon which stars in a historic fight scene on Brighton beach between Saxons and Vikings was a spear instead of a sword. You can find out about the famous Saxon Aelred Sharpspear in there.

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