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The duel

They circled each other warily for a few seconds while the minions and the members of the hunt stepped a long way back our of harm's way. As innocent bystanders, they had no desire to get nicked or pricked or sticked by slashing blades in the moonlight. "Let's begin then" said the king, as he poked forward with an exploratory lunge. Andrew easily avoided that one. But he knew he had to be very careful. More than his own life depended on the outcome of this fight. If he lost, Alex would spend the rest of his days in the dark tunnels underneath the old Petersfield bookshop, only popping out, if he was lucky, to have a quick trip into the Waitrose car park, on the nights of the goblin meetings.
The duel to decide who would win Alex

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Alexander Woyte and the Goblins

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