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My Pact with the Goblin Queen

published October 2023

available on all major ebook platforms for Halloween

fear is the new quantum entanglement

by Zsolt Kerekes

My Pact with the Goblin Queen - book coverDo you like horror stories?

Who watches over what you read?

I ask this simply out of friendly concern and suggest you consider pausing before you read too much further here because - like a dog drooling in anticipation by your supper tray - an invisible dog mind - Reginara, Queen of the Goblins may be lurking close by.

My warning... which I'm sure you will ignore - just as you ignored so many past admonitions by other self-appointed guardians - I lay at the side of your onward path so as not to impede your own thirsting quest to delve into such matters ...be wary, beware, be. What? How can I say it plain out aloud? - without appearing like a raving loony. When all the while inside I'm raging - Bollocks! - to such polite implorations.

Look away!

Don't read them!

Is that clear enough? Not this one or that one which you scrolled away before, or any other. Unless you are content and willing to feed her!

That's it. Your choice. Now you know.

And how do I know? How did I learn this thing? - you will only discover by reading my story. That's the futility of my warning. Tread safely now.
The first time we met… We spoke. Had a quiet conversation. As normal people do. Almost. I remember my exact words.

"You get your kicks from watching other people's suffering? How does that work?" I asked her. Ah the dashed boldness which comes from knowing fuck all.

She? Reginara, bored, on her alphabet tour of city suffering.

Me? Call me Stupid. The name fits. Just my luck, to be out this night in Brighton at the tail end of her city sequence:- systematically torturing the blessed letter B's.

If only I had set off a little earlier I might have made it to safety.

That's how I came to write this story. I shouldn't have tried to be clever. And you reader? Can you still hear me? I too have been where you are heading. It's too late for me to follow you now. Safety off.
My Pact with the Goblin Queen - book cover ....

My Pact
with the
Goblin Queen

by Zsolt Kerekes
First published as a short story here on my author site goblinsearch.com in 2004 - My Pact with the Goblin Queen - a horror story for YA and adults based in modern day Brighton - which is where I grew up - is being rewritten, edited and converted so that you can read it more easily on any ebook reader of your choice. I expect it to be ready in late October 2023. Just in time for Halloween.