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Alexander Woyte and
the Pirates (and Goblins)

available as a book in mid April 2023

Alexander and Pirates ebook - coming soon...
writer:- March 20, 2023 - I'm making fair progress in rewriting and converting the 2nd book in theAlexander + Goblin series.

The NEW kindle edition of Alexander Woyte and the Pirates (and Goblins) will be available in mid April 2023.

placeholder for Pirates coverThe image - shown here on the right - is a temporary placeholder for the book cover design which might be completely different when it hits the bookstores.

It's a much longer story than the first book:- a novel (about 39,000 words) rather than a short story. And with less pictures.

The action takes place a year later than book #1. Starting in the soggy rain soaked village of Privett in Hampshire we soon find ourselves transported by the magic of a dream to the seas around the North Pole and meet some pirates who have been trapped in an iceberg and have only recently been defrosted by global warming. And we learn that not all environmentalists are really vegetarians.

If you don't like sharks, pirates, goblins, nuclear submarines or surprised penguins - it might not be for you.

About the writing of the story. I began writing and publishing it in March 2001, with the idea of creating a short story length sequel to Alexander Woyte and the Goblins. But it got completely out of control and became a novel in length as I fell in love with some of the characters.

It also changed from being a children's story to one which is just as suitable for older children and adults. I kept picking up the story over the years, writing another instalment and leaving it. So I was mightily pleased to finish it (I thought) in August 2004 - which is when the last instalment originally appeared on goblinsearch.com. But a writer's work is never done.

The new ebook version in 2023 fixes some errors, supplies more background information and is much easier to read on a phone.