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Sizzling Sauropods! - meaning

by Zsolt Kerekes

In my story Jamie and the Tree Troll the hero Jamie (age 7) says "Sizzling Sauropods!" to express surprise when he deduces that an invisible entity is behind the crisp packetwards stretching pile of leaves and twigs which he catches stealing food from his backpack in the woods.

In this context - Sizzling Sauropods! - is similar to - Holy Moly! - which his sister Laura was wont to say on similar occasions about 10 years later.

the back story

One of Jamie's hobbies was his deep interest in dinosaurs.

On a rainy day - when there was wasn't much else to do - I asked Jamie to round up all his toy dinosaurs and put them in a line. This line of dinosaurs trailed twice around the edge of the sitting room and once around the window sills when the floor space wasn't long enough. When we counted them there were either 197 or 203. (I can't remember which - but I know it was very close to 200).

Jamie could identify them all - including mostly real species and some made up types.

The made up types included "space dinosaur" which had a raygun, and also "extinct dinosaur" - which had originally had a thin plastic skin. But due to curiosity about what was under the skin - the outer layer had gradually been peeled back to reveal a white plastic skeleton.

Sauropods and Brachiosaurous are reckoned to be vegetarians. The expletive - Sizzling Sauropods - comes from connecting two ideas together:- the scale of gas coming out the rear end of herds of grazing flatulent sauropods coupled with a possible explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Just imagine what happens when lighning strikes through a cloud of dinosaur farts. The result is a spectacular flare up. Hence - Sizzling Sauropods!

This hypothesis - that the vegetarian dinosaurs barbequed themselves into extinction when their herds numbered in the millions - which also led to the carnivorous dinosaurs like T-Rex running out of things to eat - has not been peer reviewed outside the goblin scientific community, however.

Now let's get back to the story.