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Chocolate & Milk for the Fairies

...No one ever thought of blaming the goblins... That's because 1925 was the 20th century and people didn't believe in such things any more. Gunnar's great grandfather, Aleric the goblin had once met King Arthur, and now most people thought Arthur was just a legend. Eric's parents had been very upset, but then after a few years they had another son. They never really gave up hope of finding Eric again, and just to be on the safe side, because they were country folk and remembered some of the old traditions, they used to leave presents like milk and chocolate outside the back door at night to keep on the good side of the fairies. "You're mad" their neighbours used to say. "It's only being eaten by rats, or hedgehogs." Something did used to come and take the chocolate every night. But even though Eric's parents took turns in watching to see what it was, they always fell asleep at the critical time.
Chocolate & Milk for the Goblins

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Alexander Woyte and the Goblins

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Author's note:- If you're interested in old English country legends and local folk history take a look at the memories of Aelred Sharpspear (the most famous Saxon in Ditchling) as recounted by Clayton in my story Jamie and the Tree Troll

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