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"Blue suede shoes" from the Rocking Cockerel.

There was a cockerel in the car park. He didn't have much of a brain, but he liked hanging out with the goblins at night because they had good parties. Neighbours in the area always assume when they hear a cock crowing in the middle of the night that it's got something to do with the full moon, or the light from a passing car. As if a cock can't tell the difference between those things and the rising of the dawn. Rubbish! When goblins have a party they always get to the stage in their proceedings when they start to sing. The older ones sing folk songs like "Greensleeves". Some of the younger ones like rock and roll. There's nothing like a bunch of drunken goblins at a karaoke night singing "Blue suede shoes" to get you in the mood. Unfortunately cocks have a limited range when it comes to singing, and whatever they sing always seems to come out more like "Cock a doodle do."
the Rocking Cockerel

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Alexander Woyte and the Goblins

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