Chiltington Lane

the landscape assessment walks in East Chiltington

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on the railway embankment above  Novington Lane

11.11 - We're now ready to cross the tracks. In those days there were 3 or 4 places where walkers could cross the tracks (at their own risk) along the mile of the railway running south of Highbridge Lane upto about half way along Chiltington Lane at which point there is a safer way to go - above the railway using bridge KJE1 669.

One of those level crossings (adjacent to Kemps House) is reserved for the use of Network Rail. The other foot crossings were free for all.

At the time of writing this - however in March 2021 - 2 of those other crossings are closed. One for repair of the broken wooden steps leading down to the crossing, and the other was permanently closed a few years ago for safety reasons.
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author - June 8, 2024 - Those steps got repaired but I couldn't find them on a recent walk due to a new crop obscuring the path leading across the field to the signpost above the dip down to the railway cutting (and the break in the electrification of the rails which allows prudent walking across). So I'm still getting lost less than 500 yards from my house after 17 years living in this lane.
author tweet @goblinsearch - March 12, 2024

In 2007 when I moved to East Chiltington I took my young nephew and niece on a 9 mile walk from their house on the South Downs near Ditchling to my new house. We got lost! Today I found some drawings they made and added them to my 2016 blog - where inexactly is Chiltington Lane?
I don't see Ditchling sign says  Australia - lost in East Chiltington