Chiltington Lane

2019 -Year of the Network Railings

refurbishing the railway which straddles Chiltington Lane

C L Scribbler - February 20, 2019

At times this week it seemed that the number of people working in the lane and wearing yellow jackets adorned with Network Rail logos outnumbered the residents. The 9 day (predicted) work is part of a major renovation project which is of historic proportions.

As described in this advisory bulletin ... "Major improvement work is taking place between Three Bridges and Brighton, closing all lines. No trains will call at the following stations:- Balcombe, Haywards Heath, Wivelsfield, Burgess Hill, Hassocks, Preston Park, Plumpton and Cooksbridge."

The rail work alongside Chiltington Lane seemed to peak yesterday as today there were only 5 vans parked here and a handful of people out on the tracks. The view below is from Bridge 669 looking towards Plumpton. If you click on it you'll see a higher resolution image.
railworks 2019 Feb 20 Chiltington Lane from bridge 669
I walked along to the other intersection of the railway with Chiltington Lane - which is by Bowling Green - but this morning I couldn't see anything railway-workwise going on there. So maybe that stretch has been finished too.

On the way there I did see something interesting though - a duck swimming in the ditch along the lane between 63 Hurst Barns and Lower Burrells.
duck in ditch - click to zoom - chiltington lane

Going back to refurbishing the railway - the images below are from the wider regional area of the works as captured and published by Network Rail.
Network Rail images of 3 Bridges to Brighton project Feb 2019

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Later note - added April 2020

Looking back on 2019 Network Rail made many more visits to Chiltington Lane and its environs. So much so that to accomodate the big tonka toys and materials needed to rebuild and strengthen the earthworks around the tracks they had to create a temporary car park, road and materials depot near the bridge which crosses Novington Lane in order to keep the flow of work going.

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