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Stash-IT NAS Refragmenter for Linux and Solaris Production Release

New product increases the demand for NAS storage by as much as 100% every month, thereby ensuring growing revenue for SSPs supplying internet storage on demand

Prickly Spine Software Company
software factory
Our unique software development methodology.

no more chads!

Here at Prickly Spine Software, our programmers roll around all day punching holes into the finest quality paper tape under the watchful eye of our CEO and chief software architect - Spel LeByte the Wizard.

At the end of each day, the tapes are wound onto a tape reader, buffered into RAM, and then burned onto CD-ROM.

We use only the most experienced retired old hedgehogs with the stiffest prikliest spines, so you never have to worry about dimpled chads creating buggy code.

Stash-IT NAS Refragmenter features include:-
  • rapidly increases the amount of storage space required by typical applications such as Oracle databases, MP3 files and DVD video
  • will typically double the amount of user storage required every 30 days, even when the latest generation of compression software is being used. (The growth cycle can be synchronized to your accounting cycle if you are selling storage on demand with evergreen reorder contracts.)
  • storage stealth wizard (patent pending) will defy the best efforts of all current Storage Resource Management (SRM) packages to figure out what's really going on. Stash-IT literally stashes encrypted copies of data all over the managed NAS system and uses naming conventions which are impossible to unravel.
  • Stash-IT's unique demand enrouter ensures that all files are accessed as if the requests were coming from genuine data users. Storage customers are therefore forced into buying more storage because all of it looks like it's important, and none of it can be safely archived to tape or jukebox.
  • Stash-IT Refragmenter is available for most versions of Linux, and Solaris 7, and 8.
  • Price and availability:- Stash-IT can be downloaded immediately from the Prickly Spine Software web site (approx file size is 600 Gigabytes) alternatively it can be supplied as a self extracting worm on a DVD boxed set. Pricing is $28,000 for the Solaris version, which comes with 24 hour support. The Linux version, costs just $150. The uninstall CD for Linux is also available - price on request.

Stash-IT NAS Refragmenter Applications include:-
  • SSPs who need to sell more storage quickly, who are worried about the effects of third party compression software, and the recession.
  • Software developers who want to make their packages look more impressive. Customers may not want to pay you much for that snazzy utility which only takes up 3M. But after running Stash-IT Publisher, your software will easily fill up an entire CD. That means you can charge more for the software, and don't have to worry about lost revenues due to software piracy from customers emailing it to each other.
  • Systems integrators can use Stash-IT to increase the amount of storage they sell with a complete system.
  • Mission critical systems benefit from using Stash-IT's Multi-mode Redundancy Module. Reliability is greatly increased. Even if 90% of the connected storage stops working, you can still access the data, because most of the storage wasn't really required in the first place.

Basingstoke, UK, April 1, 2001 - the Prickly Spine Software Company today announced the production release of their Stash-IT Network Attached Storage (NAS) Refragmenter software for Linux and Solaris environments. Stash-IT NAS Refragmenter (SNR) is aimed at Storage Service Providers (SSPs) who provide storage on demand services via the internet or as an in-house managed service.

SNR addresses the needs of business development managers who have made huge investments in storage and server farms and are worried about the effects of technical developments, recently announced by third parties which provide massive compression of Oracle databases and upto ten times improvements in the compression of audio (MP3) and video (DVD) files.

Prickly Spine Software's CEO and chief software architect Spel LeByte says "Many business managers looked at the IDC and Gartner market size forcasts for managed web storage, which along with the EMC funded research on storage growth, suggested that selling storage on demand would be a great basis for a business plan. We know many people who rushed out and spent upwards of $100 million on NAS with the idea of making a quick killing in these emerging markets, just based on the information they saw in the press releases, and without reading the in-depth market research reports. The combination of the recession in the US, and the new generation of compression software based on fractious technology, which means that data can fit into less than one tenth of the space previously required, are causing serious headaches for many SSPs, and the pages of job sites like Monstor.com are filling up with resumes from storage marketers. Our new product addresses that problem, so that the SSP marketers responsible for the overinvestment in storage capacity can keep their jobs. "

In an interview StorageSearch.com editor Zsolt Kerekes asked Mr. LeByte why the company didn't have a version for any Microsoft operating systems at launch time. "Isn't this going to be a big mistake?"

In reply, CEO, Spel LeByte admitted that the company had indeed developed a Windows NT beta but had decided at the last minute not to go ahead with it at product launch. "We believe that Storage Refragmentation is going to be a very big market, but we heard rumours that Microsoft might be working on a similar product. If they decided to do the refragmenter (product) they would have overwhelming technical and marketing advantages. For example they could bundle it with the OS or tweak the Windows kernel to make their refragmenter work better. In our benchmarks we got much better storage expansion with the Unix versions, and that's going to account for maybe 60% of the SSPs in our target market. "


About the company:-

Prickly Spine Software is a pre IPO company based in Basingstoke England. Founded in 1998 by the current CEO and chief software architect Spel LeByte, the company employs approximately 300 sentient beings. Approximately 90% of the staff (mostly retired hedgehogs) are employed in technical roles in software development and quality control. The remainder (mainly mice) are involved in sales, marketing and other management roles.

The company is also the publisher of the ScryWare - Plausible Business Plan Generator. Prickly Spine Software is currently looking for VARS in the USA and Canada.

Goblin owned VARS should contact Gunnar's Goblin Hammers which has an exclusive worldwide agreement covering the use of Stash-IT on goblinnet.

To order Stash-IT (UK and Europe)

print out a copy of this web page. Wrap your credit card in it and rub it three times on any standard model of crystal ball. A customer service minion will appear within 5 minutes (3 minutes for Amex gold cards) and will discuss your system requirements.

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